Jonge Harten Festival: RO-BOT

Especially for the UK, Jonge Harten is offering two pairs of tickets for the exclusive try-out of RO-BOT. RO-BOT is Firma Draak's latest production which will premiere at Jonge Harten Theatre Festival.


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Jonge Harten Festival

Jonge Harten is a nine day theatre festival which takes place in just about every theatre in Groningen. It is a festival of exploration with loads of young makers, visual and physical theatre, performances, dance, music and a beating festival heart. It’s for young people who want and dare to do more.

Jonge Harten will host over 30 theatre, dance, art and music performances in seven locations from the 21st until the 29th of November.

Jonge Harten International

For the first time, Jonge Harten has a special programme aimed at an international audience. We have selected a special international programme with an English-speaking line up, special international deals and various events. So join us for a show, a drink or a meet-and-greet with one of our young makers! Check out our website for more information on current events.

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RO-BOT – firma Draak

‘RO-BOT’ is a new show by Firma Draak which will premiere at Jonge Harten. After their cheerful debut, ‘NXT LVL’, which was also first performed at Jonge Harten, the company is a bit more skeptical about the temptations of technology. RO-BOT is situated in a future world where drones and other machines are in charge. This makes everything easy and comfortable, but what is the sacrifice for embracing this mechanized world? The actors fully surrender to the whimsicality in the battle against the automated environment.

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