Indonesian Day

Indonesian Student Association in Groningen - PPI Groningen - hosted Indonesian Day this past week, focusing on traditions and a whole lot of food.

In short

The good: Exotic parties with lots of food

The bad: Some events are only for Indonesian members

The size: 300 members

The people: Exchange students from Indonesia and families settled in Groningen

Last weekend, PPI Groningen – the Indonesian Student Association in Groningen – organized Indonesian Day for its fourth year as a way to promote their country to the Dutch and the rest of the international community in the city.

Food was the main focus of the day, with Dutch-beloved dishes like nasi, sate, loempia and tempe available at a bazaar for a few euros. The event concluded with a big dinner for 120 people.

During the day, two workshops were available for guests: Indonesian cookery and painting membatik, an Indonesian decorative art. The day’s activities were continuously accompanied by Indonesian music, dance, martial arts and presentations about cultural traditions, both in English and Dutch.

Big community

PPI, which stands for Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia, is one of the biggest international organizations in the city with around 300 members. The group maintains close connections not only with students but also with Indonesian families who have settled in the Netherlands. A new board is elected annually, and their current president – Kuswanto – is a PhD candidate studying international relations at the RUG.

Throughout the year, PPI organizes four main activities: Indonesian Day, Indonesian People Gathering, a sports competition and a celebration of Indonesian Independence Day.

Many Indonesians are living in the Netherlands temporarily, but that still means being very far away from their family and their country. For PPI members, the association is a way to feel closer to home by participating in Indonesian events.