Video: Student Rick delivers you meal kit no matter the weather

Rick will deliver your meal kit no matter the weather

If you want to eat healthy, varied, and sustainable meals but don’t really have the time, the inspiration, or the funds, StudentFood is here for you.
By Lidian Boelens / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen
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Rick Valk (18), spatial planning and design student, came up with the idea. He puts together fresh meal kits at home in his student room, adds a recipe, and delivers them by bicycle. He gets the ingredients fresh from the market. All for 3.99.

When he had just moved out on his own, he realised he was throwing away a lot of food, which was a waste. This led to the idea of a meal kit delivery service.

So how does it work?

Valk delivers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. People have to order on the day before 1 PM. You can order a kit for Tuesday on Monday, a kit for Thursday on Wednesday, and a weekend kit on Friday.

Couscous, spaghetti, home-made fries; he publishes new and interesting recipes on his website every week. Often, the recipes are vegetarian, or they can be modified to be vegetarian.

StudentFood is environmentally friendly as well, not just because Valk delivers by bike – no matter the weather, But also because he avoids the use of plastic and only uses sustainable packaging. On request, he will email you the recipe rather than add a piece of paper to your kit.

If you’re interested in ordering from StudentFood, check the website:



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