University Services Department and Office of the University to merge

The University Services Department and the Office of the University will be merging. The UG board emphasises the merger will not involve any compulsory redundancies.

The board of directors has been wanting to simplify support services for a while now. It would be easier if they were all part of the same department. During the pandemic, it also turned out that the work that Office and Services Department do is strongly intertwined. 

‘The board saw how closely related the two departments are and that merging the two might help them make and execute policy’, said board president Jouke de Vries on Thursday during a university council committee meeting. ‘Merging the two departments enables us to cement and structuralise this partnership.’

One organisation

Earlier, the board of directors planned to create a single property department. Right now, there’s a Property and Investment Projects department, which focuses on new development and building policies and a Building and Site Management department, which is responsible for maintenance. The board feels this is impractical. The proposed merger would unite the various departments in a new organisational structure.

The new department, University Services, is set to open on July 1 of this year, and will consist of five clusters, including ‘Education and Students’, ‘Finance & Purchase’, and ‘Contract Management’. 

People move with their work

The merger will not involve any compulsory redundancies, the board promises. Staff will keep their jobs and the terms of employment that applied to them on February 1, 2022, will continue to apply. It is possible they might be moved to a different cluster. ‘We’re making sure that people can move with their work.’

The merger won’t require any extra funds, either. The budgets of both departments will be combined for 2023.



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