UB ‘ridiculously hot’, culprit turns out to be broken valve 

The past few weeks, students have been complaining about how ‘ridiculously hot’ it’s been in the university library (UB). The culprit is probably a broken valve, which has since been replaced.

Especially students have been complaining about the UB being too warm the past few weeks. An investigation on Thursday revealed a small technical failure.

According to UG spokesperson Elies Kouwenhoven, the problem has now been fixed, although it could be another twenty-four hours before the temperature throughout the building evens out.

Ventilation system

This isn’t the first time the UB has had issues with climate control. The building underwent a drastic renovation in 2017, but it remained too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The problem was apparently caused by faulty ventilation system settings.

However, two years later, the humidity and draught issues still hadn’t been fixed. That time, it was mostly staff who were complaining about the building being too hot or too cold. It turned out to be an issue with the window insulation. The rubber insulation wasn’t flush with the window frames, which meant the new climate-control system wasn’t working properly.



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