UB gates closed for good

The access gates at the UB will close in December. From then on, only people with a RUG card can enter.

By Lyanne Levy / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The gates, which were installed at the UB in 2016, were supposed to have closed in December of 2017. But technical problems kept them open. When they closed again last May, there was chaos.

UMCG and Hanze University cards couldn’t be scanned, students who didn’t yet have a RUG cards weren’t allowed in, and the cards only scanned when people were entering. ‘That was an unfortunate situation last time. Hopefully that won’t happen again’, says Frank den Hollander from the UB.

Extensive testing

To prevent these problems from reoccurring, the system underwent extensive testing. ‘If everything went according to plan, all the technical issues have been resolved’, says Den Hollander. In the first week, UB employees will be posted near the gates to help students and staff.

For a two week period starting on 20 October onwards, the UB will be only be available to RUG card-holders because of the extra traffic expected during exam weeks. ‘We will be checking cards manually during that time’, says Den Hollander. Students who want to study in the library will have to show their RUG card.



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