Tuition fees might increase by 200 euros in 2023

Because of the enormous inflation, tuition fees for 2023/2024 might go up by more than 200 euros, Amsterdam university magazine Folia predicts. It would be the biggest increase in decades.

Tuition fees are linked to the inflation in the Netherlands. In 2022/2023, tuition fees increased by 1.9 percent, which was the rate of inflation in 2021, to 2,209 euros. However, the rate of monetary depreciation was much higher this March: 9.7 percent.

When calculating the tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic year in June, the government will use April’s rate of inflation. Even though that hasn’t been determined yet, the war in Ukraine and the rising energy costs mean it will probably be even higher.

10 percent

Folia based its calculations on a 10 percent inflation rate. This would mean the 2023/2024 tuition fees could become 2,430 euros, more than two hundred euros more than it is now. That’s almost as much as the combined increase from the past six years, the Amsterdam university magazine says.

Folia approached the ministry of Education, Culture, and Science for a response, but was told the new fees hadn’t been announced yet and that the ministry doesn’t know whether they’ll take the full inflation rate into account.



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