The Academy building as a puzzle

The Academy building as a puzzle

He has built 150 puzzles and has 150 still to go. Artist Menno Drent is making 300 3D-puzzles of the Academy building for sale by the RUG.
By Lidian Boelens
15 October om 11:08 uur.
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October 15 at 11:08 AM.
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The puzzles are sold in the I Shop (the university store) which you can find in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat. They cost 49,95 euros.

A scale of 1 in 500

In his workplace at the Travertijnstraat, Drent bends over a miniature façade of the Academy building built on a scale of 1 in 500. ‘Everything is precise to a tenth of a millimetre’, says the artist. And all of it is built by hand.

It’s the largest commissioned project Drent has ever gotten. He expects it will take him about four months to complete all the puzzles.

Other work of Drent

Drent has been making models of eye-catching buildings in Groningen
for years, including the Groninger Museum and the Martinitoren. Do you want to see more of his work? Go to

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