Student stops intruder

Wednesday afternoon, a female student detained a 19-year-old intruder in her student house and turned him over to the police.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The 19-year-old man from Delfzijl was found walking around the student house in the city centre. How he gained entry into the house the police is not yet certain. One of the residents at the house approached him, at which point the intruder tried and failed to explain the reason for his presence in the house.

‘Without hesitation, the student kicked the man out of her house’, the police reports. A painter working outside decided to help the student and held the intruder while the student called 112. The 19-year-old man was then transferred to the police.

The suspect was taken to the police station and detained for questioning.

Easy prey

Student houses are easy prey for thieves. They often find easy ingress through open windows or unlocked front doors. Moreover, student houses rarely have alarm systems, which allows thieves to easily enter by ‘jimmying’ a front door using a piece of plastic. Most thieves are after laptops.

In a press release, the police stated that everyone who catches someone in the act of breaking in has the right to arrest suspects and, if necessary, detain them using force. ‘However, they must immediately warn the police and hand over the suspect.’




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