Student (21) shot at Korreweg

A bizarre incident at the Korreweg on Sunday morning: three men have shot a student for no reason. He was shot in the back and will be paralysed for the rest of his life.
By Thereza Langeler / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Who the perpetrators are, what they wanted with the students, why one of them shot him: many factors of the incident remain unknown. On Tuesday evening, police spokesperson Ron Reinds talked about what he did know in the television programme Opsporing Verzocht.

A 21-year-old man was cycling along the Korreweg around five a.m., Sunday, October 15. He had worked his shift at a movie theatre, and had gone out on the town afterwards. He was approaching the Bernoulliplein when three young men with lightly tinted skin approached him.

They asked him if he wanted to join them for a drink. The student didn’t know them. Nevertheless, he dismounted, just to be polite, and told them he was fine.


They suddenly surrounded him, attacked him. He heard a loud noise. He realised the noise was a gunshot. He realised he had been shot. He managed to run away, but was shot at several times.

He heard two of the men yelling something at the shooter. Protesting, as though they didn’t agree with his actions. All three men fled: one by bicycle, one ran in the direction of the Balistraat/Padangstraat, and the third one drove off in a green Mazda Premacy.

Bystanders called an ambulance for the student. It has become clear that he will be paralysed for the rest of his life because of a bullet in his back.

The police are investigating. They found the Mazda that same morning and have arrested the driver: a nineteen-year-old man. The other two men remain at large.


The police are calling on anyone who knows more to come forward. They want to know if anyone saw the suspects fleeing that Sunday morning, and if there are any recordings of the incident or the green Mazda Premacy.

Eight tips came in because of Opsporing Verzocht, says police spokesperson Pyter de Roos. ‘Any and all information is welcome’, he emphasises. ‘When we do know more, we will share this on Twitter and’

Haven’t you seen Opsporing Verzocht yet? The programme will be repeated on NPO2 at 12.10. You can also watch the part about the Korreweg online.




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