Stay up to date with the new UKrant app

The UKrant app was launched just before the summer, for iOS and Android. In the app you can choose the Dutch or English language.

The app will make it even easier for students and staff to stay up to date about everything happening at the UG. It looks exactly like the mobile website and includes the categories news, video, background, science, and opinion.

But we’ve also added a button for if you have a hot tip for the editors or want to share your story. You can also have the app notify you when there’s important news.


Over the past few weeks, the app has been tested extensively. Based on feedback, we have made improvements. But apps like these are never truly finished; they can always be better. As such, we welcome any remarks or criticism you might have (use the tip button to let us know).

You can download the app for iPhone here, or here for Android.


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