Selection procedure for psychology master (UPDATE)

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Admission no longer guaranteed

Selection procedure for psychology master (UPDATE)

Students with a psychology bachelor’s degree from a Dutch university will possibly no longer be guaranteed a spot in the master programme at the RUG, with the exception of the master Theory and History of Psychology. As of September 2021, there might be a selection procedure.
By Candela Martínez
15 October om 9:32 uur.
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om 16:17 uur.
October 15 at 9:32 AM.
Last modified on November 22, 2020
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The access-for-all system currently in place is being terminated because the number of prospective master students has rapidly increased over the past few years. The psychology department wants to keep groups small for optimal teaching, so a limit to the number of students for each track might be an option.    

Some tracks are more in demand than others, which means that for some tracks, all students will be admitted, while for others only some will get a place in the programme. Each track will have its own selection procedure. Students starting the master next year or in February 2021 will still be guaranteed admission. 

Fairest option

Second-year psychology student Emily O’Shea is not worried. ‘The selection criteria for the psychology bachelor are low, which gives people the opportunity to prove themselves. But I do believe that a place in the master programme should not just be handed out.’

Fellow student Raili Engler, who’s in the same year, also considers a selection procedure to be the fairest option. ‘I think it will push students to work harder for a spot.’

It is not yet clear what the procedure will entail. Students can expect more information in the first half of 2020, so they can prepare accordingly if they plan to apply for the master programme.

This story has been changed after publication. No definitive decision has yet been made about whether or not to introduce a selection procedure. ‘In a careful process, we are currently investigating the way in which we can guarantee the quality of the masters on the one hand and on the other hand offer the space to as many students as possible’, says the faculty.

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