A new academic year, a new website

UKrant’s website was completely updated over the summer. The previous site had been launched in 2016, which means it’s basically prehistoric in internet terms.


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Want to move on from Google?

The UG isn’t going to break its chains to Google any time soon. So what can you do if you’re worried about your privacy?

Van Engelshoven: ‘UG should sever ties with Confucius Institute’

Outgoing education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66) is advising the UG to sever its ties with the Confucius Institute.

We’ve become totally dependent on Google

The UG switched to Google software despite vehement protests from staff. With renewed warnings about privacy issues, is it too late to take back control?

Mouthpiece for the occupying forces

Over the course of 1942, the Groninger Universiteitsblad transformed from a fairly boring official gazette into a mouthpiece of the German occupiers.

This is how we’ll find a second earth

Thanks to UG astronomy master student Mark Oosterloo, scientists will be able to exclude quite a few planets in their search for extraterrestrial life.

DAG: Action or elections?

DAG will no longer stand in the elections for the university council. Will they turn their critical eye back on the university when they’re done re-examining themselves?

Atlantis in the North Sea

Doggerland disappeared thousands of years ago due to the rising sea levels. How did the area’s inhabitants deal with the rising water?

UG investigation: privacy issues with Google G Suite for Education

An investigation into Google G Suite for Education by the UG shows that Google might not be treating our data as securely as initially thought.

A pernicious power balance at the uni

Solutions to protect PhD candidates from their supervisors' questionable behaviour are apparently difficult to come up with. ‘It always boils down to power.’

Speaking up (or not)

PhD students who have a toxic supervisor often stay silent. And those who do speak up don’t always get the result they hoped for.

We’re all going for a stroll

An app originally designed by the Brain Foundation has suddenly become extremely popular with students. Ommetje (Stroll) stimulates and rewards going out for a walk.

‘Put an end to partnership with Confucius Institute’

Chinese students in Groningen have started a petition to end the UG’s partnership with the Confucius Institute Groningen (CIG). They are supported by student party De Vrije Student.

‘Horrified and ashamed of discrimination at the UG’

Chief diversity & inclusion officer Gerry Wakker was appalled by last week’s UKrant article about discrimination against Chinese students. She calls on the academic community to report any and all incidents.

How do you keep an eye on cheating students?

Students at the UG keep cheating on their exams, and some of the bigger faculties have even sent the board of directors an urgent letter. Something needs to be done. But what?

Corona crisis has made students and staff gloomy

According to an UKrant survey, UG staff and students have been feeling the effects of the corona crisis, both mentally and physically.