RUG voted D66

The D66 party (Democrats ‘66) was the big winner of the elections at the Harmonie building and the UMCG last week. Nearly one in three people who voted at the hospital and the Harmonie coloured the democrats’ box red.
By Rob Siebelink / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Of the nearly 6,000 votes cast at UMCG and the Harmonie building, 1,924 went to Alexander Pechtold’s party (31 per cent at the UMCG, 33.9 per cent at the Harmonie). GroenLinks (GreenLeft) came second, but the difference with the winner was more than 600 votes: 1,306 people voted for Jesse Klaver’s party. At UMCG, GroenLinks received 19.4 per cent of the votes and in the Harmonie, they received 25 per cent.

Together, both parties raked in more than half the votes (54 per cent) that were cast at the four polling locations at the UMCG and Harmonie building.


The VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) came in a respectable third place, with a total of approximately 1,000 votes (15 per cent at UMCG, 18 per cent at the Harmonie). The PvdA (Labour Party), which reigned supreme in 2012, received no more than 350 votes (a little less than 6 per cent). The social democrats did manage to snag fourth place, closely followed by the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) with 338 votes.

Next came the Socialist Party (269 votes), the Animal Party (251), and the Christian Union (200). The PVV (Freedom Party) was not particularly popular at the UMCG and the university. Wilders’ party got a total of 117 votes (83 at the UMCG, 34 at the Harmonie), accounting for less than 2 percent.

Other parties fared no better. 50PLUS, for instance, gathered fewer than 30 votes. Thierry Baudet’s party, the Forum for Democracy, did slightly better with 76 votes.







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