RUG defers Vindicat subsidies

For the time being, student association Vindicat will not be receiving its yearly committee grant, the RUG and Hanze University have announced. The decision follows reports of Vindicat members wrecking a Sushi Mall restaurant.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The university and Hanze say they are still investigating what exactly happened in the restaurant last Sunday, but it is clear to them that the incident is not in keeping with the behavioural code and the desired cultural shift that were stipulated as conditions in the accreditation the association was given this summer.

That is why the educational institutes have decided to defer the payment of Vindicat’s committee grants for this academic year. The nine board members are usually awarded an annual amount of 33,316 euros from the graduation fund.

At the end of the academic year it will be decided whether the current board members, who took office last Monday, will be eligible for the committee grants again. In the meantime, no new incidents are allowed to occur. ‘The results of the inquiry into last week’s incidents will be taken into account in this decision’, says the RUG in a press release.

‘Now more than ever, Vindicat has to show that they aim to prevent their members misbehaving, and that they are willing to put energy into the much needed cultural change’, rector magnificus Elmer Sterken responds.


Earlier, Vindicat denied that its members engaged in misconduct at the Sushi Mall. Although the restaurant has made no report of the incident, the police decided to investigate the matter.

Vindicate was accredited in July, under certain conditions. This accreditation currently still stands. But if the association does not meet the conditions by next August, it could mean they are definitively cut off from financial support.



  1. Well, I just found out that Vindicat board members get paid from the University the same amount as I do working as a qualified staffer!! Isn’t that interesting?


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