Report on Vindicat will be later

The accreditation committee that is assessing the introduction periods at all Groningen student associations will not have a report on Vindicat until June. The RUG says that the procedure is taking more time than expected.
By Rob Siebelink / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Initially, the report was supposed to be published late this month, but the committee has not succeeded in this. ‘Considering that this is the first evaluation and the procedure is taking more time than anticipated, publishing the first final report has been put off’, according to RUG spokesperson Gernant Deekens. The committee expects to finish the report in early June.

In October of last year, the RUG decided to start assessing student associations in order to prevent wrongdoing during the introduction period. Associations applying for a committee grant from the graduation fund now have to write a ‘critical self-reflection’ which will be assessed by a special accreditation committee.


The impetus for this was the abuse suffered by an aspiring member during Vindicat’s introduction period in August of 2016. The young man was seriously injured when another member of the association stepped on his head.

Vindicat is the first association to be evaluated by the accreditation committee under the leadership of Martin Sitalsing. The association had to submit a critical self-reflection by 1 March. Vindicat made that deadline, chair Martin Sitalsing recently told the UK.

After the committee finishes the report on Vindicat, it is Albertus Magnus’ turn.



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