RUG tops Keuzegids

Together with the Radboud University, the RUG is in shared first place in the new Keuzegids Universiteiten.

More students than ever

Never before have so many students enrolled in a university study programme in the Netherlands; this according to figures of the association of universities in the Netherlands, VSNU.

Rasool wins Kees Bleichrodt Award

Former RUG student Kurdvin Rasool won the Kees Bleichrodt Award this year from the Dutch Foundation for Refugee Students.

‘No more performance agreements’

Despite their success, universities want no more performance agreements, ever.

‘Staff support for Yantai is crucial’

The support of students and staff is particularly important if the future RUG campus in Yantai is to succeed.

Students less satisfied

The RUG has dropped to the second-to-last place in the Elsevier ranking of ‘best programmes’. Out of all the broad universities in the Netherlands, only the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s (VU) students are less satisfied.

‘Down with hazing’

‘Cancel your membership!’, the Personnel faction tells students in associations that haze. ‘Down with the pseudo-romanticism of hazing.’

Coca-Cola red and Socialist red?

The UK published an opinion piece by two RUG employees who are also SP members. Does that make us a mouthpiece for Emile Roemer and his associates? Here’s a look behind-the-scenes.

Memories of the future

Your memories are largely determined by events in the future. How does that work? Memory professor Douwe Draaisma wrote a book about it.

Geldprijs voor Feringa

RUG-hoogleraar Ben Feringa heeft de Tetrahedron-prijs 2016 gewonnen. De onderscheiding levert hem 10.000 dollar op.

Hazing? Here we go again!

Hazing has once again come under fire. An overblown reaction, says UK freelancer Tim Bakker, who himself was hazed at Albertus once upon a time. ‘Once someone has called you a loser for the third time, you don’t care anymore. And why would you? It doesn’t change who you are.’

New RUG in-house poet

Master student Esmé van den Boom (23) is the RUG’s new in-house poet.

No Games for Kupers just yet

Runner Thijmen Kupers won the national outdoor title for the 800 metres, but he did not yet place for the Games in Rio.

More power for students, staff

Even though students are hardly interested in having their say, they are being given more of it.

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