All words and no action

An increasing number of Dutch universities will support the WOinActie demonstration on 14 December. And not just with words; some have given staff and students the day off. But critics say the RUG is all talk and no action.

Red squares painted on the Academy building

On Sunday night, protesting students spray painted red squares on the portico of the Academy building and the board building at the Oude Boteringestraat.

Champion of the wood lice

Soil fauna: the mystery of the animal kingdom. There are thousands of critters in this category that we still don’t know anything about. But professor Matty Berg was able to discover 33 new species.

An unfortunate headline

Every day, the editorial staff at the UK wonders: what are we writing about, why are we writing about it, and how are we writing about it? Here’s a look behind the scenes.

Stuck at The Student Hotel

Students who want to prematurely cancel their contracts with The Student Hotel are faced with extremely high cancellation fees. These fees sometimes prevent them from leaving.

No prying eyes

The participation councils at the RUG are having an increasing number of meetings behind closed doors. The main reason? They want to prevent unwanted publicity.

Who will point the RUG in the right direction?

A few months from now, the era of RUG president Sibrand Poppema, , will come to an end. Who will be his successor? A man? A woman? A scientist? A manager? Take this quiz to find your ideal candidate (some of them are real, others a little tongue in cheek).

Student can vote again

The digital ballot boxes have opened and the campaign spectacle has started: this week, students can cast their votes for the university and faculty councils. But are people even all that interested in the elections?

A fascination with the macabre

De anatomietentoonstelling Real Human Bodies doet dit weekend Groningen aan. Die morbide fascinatie voor geprepareerde lichamen kent een lange traditie, weet Rina Knoeff. ‘Je wordt geconfronteerd met je eigen sterfelijkheid.’

Runia is not the only one

Discontent is brewing in the Faculty of Arts. The Faculty Board tries to adress the problems. However, many staff members feel they miss the point.

No resits? More stress

Educational experts at the RUG have argued that students should have fewer chances to resit their exams. It would only make them lazy. But how do the students themselves feel about this?

2017: The COCK, bathrooms and lots of stress

Gender neutral peeing. The bicycle mess. Work pressure and stress. Housing. Yantai. The Universiteitskrant looks back on the most high-profile subjects and stories of 2017.

The UK is independent – now and always

A few former editors have gone to the media to accuse the Universiteitskrant (UK) of censorship. They also say they were fired because of their critical stance. The UK editorial staff staunchly disagrees with this. ‘The UK’s editorial independence is not at risk.’

Smoking? Not at the RUG

On Monday, a large, colourful sign with the words ‘Rookvrije Generatie’ (‘Smoke-free Generation’) was placed in front of the Academy building. It symbolises the cigarette-free era the RUG wants to see.

Astronomy stars

According to an international committee of astronomy experts, Dutch astronomers are some of the best in the world.

Welcome to Grunn

Last Thursday, it was busy but fun at the Welcoming Ceremony held in the Oosterpoort venue. Approximately 2,300 hundred international students were welcomed with speeches, informational booths, and a drink.

‘What were they thinking’

A number of female employees of the RUG are bothered by the stickers on the bathroom doors of the brand-new Energy Academy at Zernike. The female figure is smaller than the male figure. ‘Visual repression,’ they say.