VU schaart zich achter Black Lives Matter en doet zelfonderzoek

In de rubriek ‘Intussen elders’ verzamelen we (opmerkelijk) nieuws van andere universiteiten. Deze keer onder meer: VU Amsterdam steunt in verklaring protestbeweging Black Lives Matter.

UG wants exchange programmes to continue where possible

As far as the UG is concerned, students will still be able to go on their exchanges planned for the first semester of next academic year, in spite of the corona outbreak.

Employees get a bonus and a 3-percent pay increase

University employees’ salary will be increased by 3 percent on June 1. They’ll also receive a one-time bonus of up to 750 euros, based on full-time employment.

Vindicat ignores corona rules, police fines 15

Last Friday night, the police fined fifteen Vindicat members for violating the corona measures. Rector Floris Hamann is furious with the students.

The university’s memory

Historian Klaas van Berkel said goodbye to the UG last week. History taught him to be optimistic. ‘If something could be done back then, why not now?’

Four centuries of constant complaining

Stop complaining about the UB. After all, you no longer have to worry about crashing through the floor. The UB’s 405th anniversary is cause for celebration.

Don’t worry about Citrix

RUG staff and students can still work from home, in spite of the security leak at Citrix. The university doesn’t use the components that are compromised.

Ten ways to avoid your untimely death

You probably think you’ve got everything you need to start your new student life on the right foot. But do you have a list of ways to protect yourself from your early and tragic demise?

RUG plans for Rome institute garner support

In spite of objections raised by academics at the institute, the RUG will be allowed to continue its plans for the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

The hottest spots at Lustrum

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Chill out; hug a tree

RUG student Johanna Paschen needed to de-stress and went on a wildnerness therapy retreat in the mountains of Valencia. ‘It was emotionally exhausting.’

Unpacking your lady parts

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‘I insult absolutely nobody’

The UKrant caught up with Paul Cliteur (FvD) to ask about his fiery open letter to the Rector of the RUG last week about no-platforming. 'No-platforming is based on the principle of political manipulation.'

Lonely Hearts Party

During the research for the Ukrant’s love, sex, and dating series, students told us that it’s hard to meet new people. So we threw a lonely hearts party last Friday night.

Dating for the Tinder-hearted

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Big plans, small budget

The University Museum doesn’t lack interesting exhibits. But it does lack visitors. How can the museum attract more people without more resources? ‘Money is not the main issue.’

Who is your favourite?

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