Not all internationals have polling card

An unknown number of EU internationals will be unable to vote in the upcoming Groningen municipal elections on 21 November. They are not registered with the municipality.
By Eva Meester / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

To be allowed to vote, internationals need a home address. But because of the housing shortage, not all students were registered at an address on 8 October. Anyone registered after that date has not been sent a polling card. The unregistered students were either staying with fellow students, sleeping in the tents at ACLO, one of the other alternatives offered by the RUG, or were renting illegally.

The RUG says the issue could have been prevented for at least a number of them. The university offered an alternative place to stay (the old school building at the Metaallaan) as well as the option to temporarily register at the RUG’s address. For the elections, this would have been sufficient for them to get a polling card.


RUG spokesperson Jorien Bakker: ‘We advised the international students staying at the Metaallaan to temporarily register at the RUG’s address. Some of them did just that.’

‘It’s important that all students register with the municipality, even if they’re staying somewhere temporarily. We’ll continue to advise them of this.’



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