No Yantai statement

The Personnel faction and student party Lijst Calimero had planned to make a statement about Yantai during a University Council meeting on Thursday, but went back on that at the last moment.
By the editorial staff / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen and Traci White

The Personnel faction and Lijst Calimero are unhappy with the state of affairs concerning the future campus in China. They announced beforehand that they were going to make a statement during the meeting. But they never made it that far.

Both factions disagree with the fact that the plans for the campus are often discussed behind closed doors. Urged by their respective constituencies, they wanted to make a statement about the plans. But after a long discussion with the Board of Directors and several adjournments, they ended up not making a statement.


According to multiple sources, the board made certain concessions. What those concessions are exactly is not clear, but one step that will be taken is the sending of a joint letter from the Board of Directors and the Personnel faction and Lijst Calimero to minister Jet Bussemaker.

In a statement from SOG, the largest student party in the University Council, the students assert that they do not feel that the way that the Personnel faction and Lijst Calimero are characterizing the situation. ‘We do not share the sentiments expressed by the Personnel faction and Calimero. In some situations, confidentiality is preferable in order to prevent hasty decision-making. In that way, you can inform and update one another before taking an official position on the matter.’



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