No more ‘kruimels’ in BED

For the past year, students could go to Kruimels in BED for a cheap meal. Now, the organisation is forced to find a new location.
By Koen Marée / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

The Gym, the creative breeding ground in the former Willem Lodewijks school in the Oosterstraat, closed its doors in early March. A few years ago, the property was rented out to prevent squatting, but the municipality started charging normal rental fees last year. The Gym, which also housed OOST, BED, Salon, Kantoorpoëzie and Mix and Match, could not afford the fees.

31 grocery lists in one

Sure, all the food is nice, but where did they get the ingredients? Every Friday afternoon, Kruimels went to the market with a long grocery list. ‘My favourite part of the week’, says Robin Kramer. ‘After a while we had become acquaintances rather than customers.’ If we put all the grocery lists together, they add up to an impressive number of products:

– 2,500 garlic cloves
– 400 carrots
– 500 onions
– 150 zucchini
– 80 litres of coconut milk
– 150 kilos of chick peas
– 100 kilos of rice
– 200 pieces of ginger
– 70 bundles of cilantro

Kruimels, based on the concept of an old-fashioned mensa, had initially hoped to be able to continue cooking at their location until the summer. ‘But it turns out we’re going to get something new quite fast’, says Riemersma. ‘Besides, when The Gym left, some things were auctioned off, such as tables and chairs. So that wasn’t really working. Luckily, we own all our cooking equipment.’


‘Now we’re busy looking for a new location’, says Jesse Havinga. ‘Preferably in the city centre.’ Riemersma hopes to be able to collaborate with other projects: ‘Otherwise the space would only be used on Fridays.’ Kramer adds: ‘And that way we’re also more connected to the community in Groningen, just like things came together here. And it’s nicer than sitting alone somewhere.’

Next Friday will see the last edition at The Gym for now. The menu features a selection of the organisation’s favourite dishes. ‘We hope that everyone who has joined us for dinner over the past year shows up’, says Lisa Havinga. ‘And new people are welcome too, of course.’

‘We’re also publishing a special cook book to look back on almost a year of Kruimels’, Riemersma continues. Kramer: ‘The cook book is more than just the sum of its recipes. It’s about easy and simple cooking. After Friday, we won’t be doing that at The Gym, but we can provide catering services.’ Jesse Havinga says: ‘I do hope it gets a bit chaotic during that final edition on Friday. That’s how Kruimels rolls.’


Recipe: soto

During the final edition this Friday, Kruimels will be launching a unique cook book. In it, they combine their greatest recipes with illustrations by the Knetterijs collective and Minerva students. Below, a little taste:

Ingredients for 1 pan of soup:
– One piece of ginger/galangal, approx. 3 cm large
– One large onion
– 3 garlic cloves
– 2 sticks of sereh (lemon grass)
– One stock cube
– Possible vegetables: bean sprouts, snow peas, cubed potatoes, or leek.
– A sachet of soto marinade (my mother always buys the one with the crane on the label).

If you are a crane, read on:

Ingredients for homemade marinade
– One piece of ginger/galangal, approx. 3 cm large
– One large onion
– 3 garlic cloves
– 2 sticks of sereh (lemon grass)
– Candlenut
– Turmeric
– Bay leaves, dried or fresh
– Lemon leaves, dried or fresh

– Finely chop the onion, garlic and galangal and fry until they are golden brown
– Roast the candle nut in a pan (raw, they are poisonous)
– Use a blender or mortar and pestle to mix the ingredients and add the onion/garlic/galanga mix and the candlenut
– If you’re using the pre-packaged bird, only prepare the onion/garlic/galanga mix
– Add the marinade and fry for a bit
– Add 1.5 to 2 litres and add one bouillon cube
– Bring to a boil
– Optional: add lime juice and/or rind to the water to get that fresh lime taste of spring you used to love as a child
– Finish off your bowl with vegetables of your choice

My mother would also put cold cubes of basmati rice in the soup, but she is from Flevoland.


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