Make your scariest pumpkin and win the UKrant pumpkin-carving competition

Ghastly ghouls, bloody brides, spooky skeletons, and more scary stuff. You guessed it: Halloween is near! 

The scary holiday wouldn’t be complete without creepy hollowed-out pumpkins. But this time, instead of warding off ghosts (as people used to believe), they’ll be used for a competition. UKrant is hosting a pumpkin-carving competition!

Carve the most fantastical pumpkin, either alone or with your friends, send us a picture, and perhaps you’ll win tickets to Walibi Fright Nights! Enter if you dare…

How does it work?

  • Create a pumpkin with a Halloween-y theme. Carve a face into the pumpkin whichever way you want. That means you can make something creepy, but you can also go artsy. You can do whatever you want!
  • Important to note: Take pictures of the process (so we know for sure it was you who made the pumpkin) and of the end result. We’d like to see two pictures of the final pumpkin: one of the carved pumpkin as is, and one with a candle inside (bonus points if you’re in the photo, too). 
  • Send your photos to before October 25.
  • The jury will announce the winner at the start of week 43.
  • The winners of the pumpkin-carving competition get tickets to Walibi Fright Nights. We have a total of four tickets to hand out. They are valid for Saturday, October 30. You can’t change the date. So make sure you have that day off! The Haunted Houses (special attractions during Walibi Fright Nights) and transport to the amusement parks aren’t included in the tickets. 

What do we want to see?

  • The scariest pumpkin you can make (is the jury scared out of their wits? Good job)
  • A pumpkin that matches the Halloween spirit
  • Creativity and character

GOOD TO KNOW: Walibi Fright Nights requires a ‘corona pass’.



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