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Fantastic trees and where to find them

With less than a week to go until Santa smoothly slides down our chimneys to reward us with presents for being good human beings, we wanted to see how students in Groningen prepare for the most wonderful time of the year.
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Door Valeska Schietinger

18 December om 11:17 uur.
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By Valeska Schietinger

December 18 at 11:17 AM.
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at 16:14 PM.

Grandma’s gift

For Albertus members Lucinda Haaze, Pien Wolters, Carlijn van ‘t Hoff and Jolien Pijnappels (left to right), Christmas decorations are a must. So, they decided to fill Huize LLdK with fairy lights, shiny tinsel and an unconventionally colourful tree. The multicoloured sparkly ornaments and ribbons reflect the joyful Christmas spirit the girls are spreading. This year’s tree is also very special to the four housemates – it was a gift from Carlijn’s grandmother. With the tree itself being a gift it can’t get any more Christmassy.

Reindeer and duck

Getting into the Christmas spirit seems to be a thing amongst members of Albertus. Sharon Groen, Olivia te Gussinklo, Merel Winters and Veerle Smits (left to right) share a home – Huize Kwak – but don’t have a common living room to put up a tree in. So now the basement houses this eye-catcher. This year, the newly assembled group of housemates decided to dig the fake tree out of the closet to ring in the holidays. In addition to traditional red and gold ornaments, the tree also features a glittery reindeer, a duct-taped star as a tree topper, and a tiny duck to represent their house name and light up anyone’s resting Grinch face.

Football tree

This extraordinarily decorated tree can be found in the home of Jeroen van de Poll, Floor Thies, Lothar Mastenbroek and Mirthe Bos (left to right). Their Christmas decorations have evolved over the years from small trees to a proper X-mas wonder, spreading homemade holiday joy in the group’s living room. When it came to the trinkets, the four found a very democratic approach to decorating a tree. From bottle caps to a peony, a toy robot, and a football, the tree got a personalised make-over by each of the housemates. 

With this creative touchdown of a tree, the group definitely deserves an honorable mention in the imaginary X-mas hall of fame.

Rat paradise

Christmas is not only a holiday for two-legged beings. Aske Meijerink’s pet rats Krabat and Juro are also having a blast in their very own Christmas paradise, climbing up the tree. Since she moved to her new place earlier this year, Aske finally has a room that is big enough to fit a tree plus decorations, plus super adorable rats. This upgrade from a tiny pink fake tree is something even Mrs. Claus would be proud of. Aske’s tree features colourful lights, a rainbow tinsel boa, and a mix of black and blue ornaments. One ornament that stands out is a red car, which reflects Aske’s love for weird Christmas decorations. But let’s be honest, what could be cooler than two rats gracing a tree with their cuteness?

Photo’s by Valeska Schietinger


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