Hips don’t lie

British researchers have figured out the most attractive way to dance. UK reporter Simone tested the science in practice at the student bar De Negende Cirkel.
By Leonie Sinnema / Video by Robbert Andringa / Dancing by Simone Harmsen / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Researchers at Northumbria University in Newcastle had 39 women dance to the same beat. Then, they rendered the women’s dance moves into anonymous 3D animations and had 200 male and female test subjects judge their attractiveness.

According to the researchers, dancing is all about luring a partner. The researchers say that the asymmetrical movements that were deemed to be attractive indicate ‘high quality motor control’, a signal of good health, which is attractive.


Independently moving your arms and legs and simultaneously wiggling your hips as rhythmically as you can: according to the research that is the most attractive way a woman can dance. UK’s reporter Simone tested the science in practice

In 2014, the researchers published the male version of the study. The best way to have women fawn all over you? Waving your arms about, fast knee movements, and fancy footwork.



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