Grants for RUG researchers

RUG professors Clara Mulder (Demographics and Space) and Sijbren Otto (Systems Chemistry) have each been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant worth 2.5 million euros by the European Research Council.
By Rob Siebelink / Translation by Traci White

Mulder’s research project – Family Ties – focuses on family connections and offers a new perspective on in-country migration (moving longer distances), immobility and their impact on the labour market.

The project will yield insights into in-country mobility and immobility by looking in particular at the role that ties to non-nuclear family members play in decision-making about whether or not to move, and where to move.

Life in a laboratory

Sijbren Otto’s research poses the question: can we create life in a laboratory? This is one of the biggest challenges facing modern science. The aim of the project is to take meaningful steps toward closing the gap between chemistry and biology by creating a completely synthetic system.

These systems will possess the essential traits for life: replication, metabolism and compartmentalisation. These traits have not yet been successfully combined in a fully synthetic system without the use of biomolecules. The project will strive to achieve this sort of coupling, as well as to develop chemical systems that are as lifelike as possible.



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