Face masks are mandatory again in Aletta Jacobs hall

Starting this Monday, students will have to wear a face mask when traversing the Aletta Jacobs hall. As soon as they sit down, they can take theirs masks off. Anyone who’s forgotten to bring their own face mask can get one at the entrance.

During the faculty council meeting on Friday, it was revealed that ‘chaos’ had erupted before several large exams last week. Lecturers reported hundreds of students clustered close together in front of the door to the exam hall. They also said there were barely any stewards or other supervising staff in place.

Several more large exams are scheduled to take place at the Aletta Jacobs hall over the next few weeks. By reviving the mask mandate, the university hopes to minimise the risk of infection.


Since the relaxation of the corona restrictions two months ago, the number of infections has risen sharply. More people have been admitted to the hospital and intensive care. 83 percent of people in the ICU are unvaccinated.

By reinstating the mask mandate, the UG is acting ahead of the restrictions the outgoing government will be announcing on Tuesday. According to law pro-dean Gerda Croiset, education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven will argue that any new restrictions should not apply to higher education.

However, the matter is complicated by the fact that the vaccination rate is especially low among vocational education students, and that distinguishing between research university students, university of applied sciences students, and vocational training students is a delicate matter.


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