Executive Master of Actuarial Science & premaster

‘We educate professionals with actuarial, financial and risk management skills and a critical – analytical thinking ability.’
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A new generation of actuaries
Actuaries are professionals who develop solutions for complex financial issues. They have a deep understanding of mathematics, statistics and business management and use these assets to measure and manage risk, help businesses grow and provide value to their customers. Actuaries have a financial focus e.g. on insurance, employee benefits, consulting, banking, investments, government, energy, product development, ERM, predictive analytics and more. 

EMAS in short


Executive Master of Actuarial Science


Master of Science (MSc)

Study form

Part-time, 2 years (incl. thesis)


60, approx. 20 hrs/wk, incl. 7-8 hours classroom attendance


NVAO, Koninklijk Actuarieel Genootschap




January 2021 


Groenewoudsedijk 80, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Tuition fees

€ 28.000 including study materials, exams (including 1 resit, if applicable) and catering.

Admission requirements
EMAS is aimed at individuals who are already professionally active at an academic level and looking for ways to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills set. 

Participants of EOR RUG qualify for direct admission when they meet the following criteria:

BSc Econometrics, including the following courses:

    • Introduction to Actuarial Science
    • Risk Insurance
    • Finance I
    • Finance Theory and Modelling
  • Employment in the actuarial or adjacent domain 

With the Master Programme EORAS you are possibly eligible for exemptions in the EMAS programme. 

The programme
The body of knowledge is taught by academic and practical lecturers from leading universities and organizations and exists of five courses and six cases. 

The five courses are:
1. Statistical Methods
2. Life and Pensions
3. Valuation and Hedging
4. Risk and Regulation
5. Capita Selecta

The case assignments are carried out by teams and supervised by academics and/or professional actuaries. It is one of our goals to make full use of opportunities which arise and we aim to optimize cross-fertilization between working and learning. 

The following six cases are used in our current programme (subject to change):
1. Care Insurance
2. Agricultural Insurance and Food Security
3. Pension fund Recovery plan
4. Banking (Retail mortgages)
5. Valuation of a Life Insurance Portfolio
6. Vision 20/20: challenges and opportunities in a changing environment

The thesis constitutes proof of the individual qualities of the participant and of his/her ability to execute a penetrating analysis of a specific topic. Participants conduct thesis work on an individual basis under supervision of one of the academic instructors.

More information
Download our brochure if you really want to find out more. If you have any questions please contact our colleague Leandra Pennartz (coordinator), phone +31 (0)30-6866190 or email [email protected].

Who are we?
We offer acknowledged educational programmes for financial professionals. Our programmes focus on the complementary effect of learning and working, constantly mixing theory and practice. In addition to our educational programmes we organize training and masterclasses for the financial sector.

Video a new generation of actuaries: https://youtu.be/L85C0MAtaTg