Coffee at the RUG to get better and more expensive

Coffee up from 40 to 60 cents a cup

Coffee at the RUG to get better and more expensive

The university’s coffee will become better and more sustainable, but also more expensive. The RUG wants to get rid of the 150 machines it has now and switch to coffee machines that use real beans. The new coffee will cost 60 cents a cup instead of 40.
By Rob Siebelink / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen
7 October om 16:29 uur.
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October 7 at 16:29 PM.
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The university will discuss the RUG’s services department’s proposal this month. The services department held a survey about coffee use at the uni, which showed that people want better quality coffee and that they’re willing to pay for that quality.

Employees will still be getting their coffee (and tea) for free. At locations that are only available to RUG staff the new machines will not be outfitted with a card reader, meaning they’ll dispense drinks for free.

Students and visitors using the machines in the RUG buildings’ hallways will be paying 60 cents for a cup, 20 cents more than the current 40.


But they won’t be paying with their RUG ID. The new machines will enable contactless payment with bank cards. This means people won’t have to put money on their ID cards, which the RUG expect will lead to less administrative hassle.

Every year, people order approximately 2.5 million cups of coffee from the machines. 1.8 million of these are for staff, and more than 600,000 for students and visitors.

More sustainable

The services department says raising the price of coffee to 60 cents is in line with the market: the Hanze University of Applied Sciences charges this as well. The (fair trade) coffee made from real beans is also more sustainable, which explains the price hike as well.

Some instant coffee machines may remain at especially busy locations at the university, such as exam halls. The instant machines can produce a cup of coffee in fifteen to twenty seconds, while the bean machines take three times as long. This could lead to unwanted ‘traffic jams’.




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