Chlamydia still ‘most popular’ STD

Chlamydia is still the ‘most popular’ sexually transmitted disease among young people in Groningen, the Groningen Health Department (GGD) says.
By Peter Keizer / Translation by Sarah van Steenderen

Approximately 85 per cent of all chlamydia infections happen among young people under 25. The STD occurs most often among heterosexuals. Of the 3,474 young people tested at the GGD in 2016, 24 per cent turned out to have an STD. Last year, it was 25 per cent.

Of the 1,109 people in Groningen who had an STD (including people older than 25), 76 per cent turned out to have chlamydia. There was also a slight increase in the number of gonorrhoea infections. Approximately 9 per cent of the people tested in 2016 had gonorrhoea. More than half of those infections occured among men who have sex with other men.


Chlamydia can be easily treated. If it goes untreated, it can lead to infection of the fallopian tubes and decreased fertility in women, and infection of the prostate and epididymis in men.

Gonorrhoea, also known as the clap, is also easily treated. In men, the infection causes a yellow or green pus-like discharge from the urethra. Women often suffer few to no symptoms, but their chances of an ectopic pregnancy and infertility increase.


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