Scholarship PhDs conquer seat in university council

The Doughnut Party has won a seat on the university council during its first election, it became clear during Monday's online results broadcast.

Who will you give a seat on the university council?

Which party on the university council fits your views best? Take UKrant and the Groninger Studentenbond' election quiz to find out.

Dutch language courses substantially cheaper for university staff

Up to one hundred UG employees will be able to take a Dutch language course with a substantial discount, thanks to a 48,000 euro subsidy.

First Groningen corona syringe added to University Museum collection

The syringe, the vaccine vial, and several other objects that were used to administer the very first corona vaccine in Groningen have been given to the University Museum.

University council battles UG on budget

The university council will not endorse the UG’s budget for next year. The council says information on crucial elements was incomplete and tardy.

University council in emergency meeting over Vindicat

The university council will hold an emergency meeting this week about Vindicat’s accreditation being revoked. The council claims the board of directors did not inform them correctly.

All parties retain their seats on the university council

All student parties won the exact same number of seats in the university council elections that they currently have, it was announced on Monday.

The university is not a YouTube channel

What will the university look like in the near future? Will it be online only? Fleur Renkema and Lennard Pierey with student party Lijst Calimero feel this would have a negative impact. ‘The corona crisis can’t just be the “new normal”.’

University council election postponed until June 8

The elections for the student-held seats in the university and faculty councils have been postponed until July 8 due to the coronavirus.

Board: university needs tailor-made solutions

Every week, the UG board will be answering the most burning questions from the academic community on the UKrant website.

University switches to digital PhD ceremonies

PhD candidates will be defending their thesis in an empty room in the next few weeks. Due to the corona crisis, all UG PhD ceremonies will be online.

Video: The university has become a ghost town

On Thursday, the UG decided to cancel all physical classes in an effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. On Friday, the university was practically empty.

The university’s memory

Historian Klaas van Berkel said goodbye to the UG last week. History taught him to be optimistic. ‘If something could be done back then, why not now?’

Minerva’s broomstick at University Museum

The broomstick that the Minerva statue on the Academy building’s façade has been brandishing wil be on display in the University Museum as of Saturday.

‘A university is like a mammoth tanker’

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FNV: Many university employees feel unsafe at work

Unions FNV and VAWO say universities should get their own ombudsman. A study has shown that many employees don’t feel safe at work.

Wireless internet at university working again [UPDATE]

The university's internet connection the university provides is back up. Due to a login problem, no one was able to access wireless network Eduroam, the wireless network.